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Historians analyzing Endurance and Internationalization of FB worldwide

Last years two collective books authored by historians with the cooperation of some FB scholars, that try to summarize, analyze, and give new ideas, about keys to endurance and internationalization from a new perspective: the perspective of History.


Often we believe that our reality is static, that the rules that work for today´s businesses have often been good to explain past strategies, and will be good to guide future strategies. Wrong. Crisis remind us about change, about death of companies, and the end of lyfe cycles in markets, technologies, products, and companies. Also, the end of powerful dynasties.

Historians are less dramatic when they analyze crisis. For them it is something about change, about transition, about new ways of organization of human groups in new times. About adaptation of the most able, skilled groups, of companies that listen to their markets, and realize how the markets change. How legislation changes. How society is changing, demanding not just different products and services, but also new corporate responsibility from companies.

It is for this reason that it is important to read historical analysis of endurance of companies in different historical periods, and countries. What happened in developing countries two centuries ago may have keys to guide possible strategies of growth of developing economies today. What companies had to solve in times of high uncertainty and globalization of markets, before World War I, may also guide business practice of companies today, in these times of higher risks, speed of globalization, and division of commercial blocks in new regions.

These are the subjects analyzed in the following two books:

Paloma Fernández Pérez and Andrea Colli, eds., The Endurance of Family Businesses. A Global Overview. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Christina Lubinski, Jeffrey Fear, and Paloma Fernández, eds, Family Multinationals. Routlege, 2013.

You can access through internet the table of contents, and the Introduction, by a simple search of the names of the authors, the title, and the publisher.

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