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Women in Family Business; What Keeps You Up at Night? by Patricia Annino, Thomas Davidow, Cynthia Harrison and Lisbeth Davidow. I liked three things about the book and thought one thing needed improvement.

The eight parts of the book speak directly to various roles a woman has in a family business: wife, mother, stepmother, widow, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister and sister-in-law. I liked this because you can read what specifically applies to your situation.

The authors did an excellent job cutting to the quick of a sticky situation. For instance, as a mother: “If you are asked to side either with your child or the business . . . it is important to choose the business first because your child needs to live up to certain standards . . . for their and everyone else’s benefit.”

Each part has real world examples that do not always end happily like a TV sitcom. It is a comfort to read about complex family issues, like yours.

The one area that was overlooked by the authors was the role of the woman as sole owner of the business. The missing chapter was indentified and discussed by our peer group, Wise Women (a group of women business owners who meet every other month.) Hopefully, the next book will be dedicated to this growing number of women.

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