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Working with your wife/husband?

Do you think that it is beneficial to work with your husband or wife? I recently interviewed a car wash and the husband-wife duo worked in…

Started by Andrew Rianhard

8 Dec 16, 2011
Reply by Doug Baumoel

Father will not sell Dunkins

Hello all, I decided to get into a succession talk with my father this vacation and it was interesting. He owns 5 stores, 2 biggest volume…

Started by Andrew Rianhard

3 Dec 13, 2011
Reply by Andrew Rianhard

Family firms make up around 45% of all business enterprises in the Bulgaria.

Artcle This is an article about family business in Bulgaria. What I thought was interesting about it was the last paragraph. Olivier de Ric…

Started by John Siracusa

1 Dec 13, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet

Father will not sell Dunkin

I have a number of comments. 1. The 5 stores may be your father's principal income sourse so that hiring a manager who will do 95% of the w…

Started by David Mount

0 Dec 2, 2011

Article- Hiring a professional succession planner

Hello all, I would highly recommend reading this article. If you have never heard of this, it is a great idea to have professional advice o…

Started by Andrew Rianhard

1 Dec 2, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet

Business Coaching

I recently read an article on the NY Times website about a sister team, who we actually talked about in class, who run a clothing company t…

Started by Elizabeth Bernier

1 Dec 2, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet

Performance Feedback in Family Business

After reading chapter 9 and hearing the presentations in class on Friday I was thinking about the importance of performance feedback for no…

Started by Warren Miller

3 Dec 2, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet

America's 10 Largest Family Owned Businesses It was interesting to see that some of th…

Started by John Siracusa

1 Dec 2, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet

Company Culture

Hey all,       A lot of times throughout this class, and as discussed in chapter 12, we have talked about a culture of a company. From the…

Started by Fritz Horst

4 Dec 2, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet

Succession Sooner than I Thought

I was talking to my mom over break about how much longer she wants to run the business.  I knew her and my step-dad bought the store almost…

Started by Alex Stevens

2 Dec 2, 2011
Reply by Dann Van Der Vliet



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