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March 2012 Blog Posts (6)

How to Prepare Interpreneurs: Entitlement Versus Abuse

Interpreneurship. A word coined by Ernesto Poza, author of Family Business (Cengage, 2009), now in its third edition. Poza felt a special label was needed to identify those who were not just inheriting ownership or management positions in their families’ enterprises, but who were being prepared to join as intergenerational entrepreneurs, leading the ventures to further success. What steps can be taken to develop the next generation of family entrepreneurs? What mistakes do…


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6 things you should know about Arab family businesses

It is estimated that over 90% of all businesses in the Arab world are family-owned and/or family-run. Many of these businesses have shown remarkable leadership and achievements over many generations. It is quite common in family business literature to take the similarities between family firms across the world and use them to create theories. While I do agree that due to their very nature business families are bound to come across the same…


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Despite the Slowdown of Economic Activities, German Family Entrepreneurs Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Family businesses make up more than 60 % of all European companies. In Europe they are a vital part of the European economy. These businesses tend to think in terms of generations: they want their children and grandchildren or other family members to keep their business going. By increasing the number of small, medium-sized and large family-owned companies, and their share of the gross national product, greater economic stability could be achieved. Even though the term "medium-sized…


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The Pledge

The world forces us into a constant balancing act, as we strive to fulfill our (political, economic, financial, and especially social and environmental) responsibilities. Yet, society also stumbles from one crisis to the next, and often lays the "blame" at other people's doors.


Fortunately, In Family Business, we meet responsible businesspeople every day, remarkable families committed to their companies and their community, capable of meeting all these new challenges, as well…


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Competitiveness of family businesses in the world: missing something in our research?

Very often we read in family business scholarship about entrepreneurship, leadership, endurance, emotions, values, but I cannot see much about competitiveness, or productivity. Are we missing the key issue of any business when approaching family businesses?

Let´s start about competitiveness. Michael Porter has published many articles indicating how a sector approach must be adopted in order to analyze the competitiveness of regions, nations, firms. Why don´t we apply this perspective…


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Putting Family Businesses on the Political Agenda


In the last few years, policy makers in Europe have gradually come to realise that Family Businesses are the backbone of the economy and that political decisions need to take into consideration the likely effects on the family business sector. How did this happen?


Definition of Family Business


Political discourse requires a shared understanding of the topic. In order for the family business sector to be able to become an agenda item, the…


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