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March 2013 Blog Posts (6)

5 Ways Families Can Take the Enterprise View

A large percentage of business owning families I’ve worked with have found themselves struggling with how to define and manage the enterprise at the point of a generational transition. This critical juncture of family leadership succession forces the family to ask the question: Do we still want to share the ownership and management of the business and other financial assets together? Which really means: Do we want to keep the family…


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How Do You Fire the Advisor Who Sang at Your Father’s Funeral?

For family firms, executive succession is commonly viewed as a key determinant of survival and success. Arguably it is the most popular topic in family business. In contrast, there is another important dimension of succession that is less talked about and consequently little understood: succession of professional advisors.

Similar to firm CEO succession there comes a time when advisors—and/or the organizations they represent—must also confront the issue of succession. For family firms…


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Faith in Family Firms

When you lower the boom of ‘faith’ into the Venn of firm and family, how significant is the influence?

For generations, management theory has ignored the impact of faith in the workplace and in how CEOs render decisions in their day to day operations. At best, the topic is swept under the carpet with headings like culture, religiosity, ethics, or values. Worse, in some circles, it is decried as anti-science and unworthy of study. Pre-tenured researchers who encroach on such topics run…


Added by William J. Worthington, PhD on March 25, 2013 at 11:35am — 1 Comment

Decisions, Decisions

This is the great age of kicking the can down the road as an alternative to digging in and making tough or complex decisions.  Of course, the tactic wasn’t invented by the current crop of Washington politicians.  Can-kicking has been practiced in family businesses for a long time.  Instead of making difficult succession decisions, for example, some senior owner/executives have been known to pass along company ownership in their wills and let the heirs work out the management details…


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"Mi padre, el héroe". Una historia que puede ayudarte a prevenir conflictos en tu Empresa Familiar.

¡SUEÑO CUMPLIDO! Acaba de llegar mi primer libro: “Mi padre, el héroe”.

¡No saben lo contento que estoy! A los que tengan una Empresa Familiar o a los que se relacionen de algún modo con ella, les puede interesar…



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Todo mezclado o bien delimitado: Propiedad, control y dirección

Del blog: ЯB - INSPIRAR

“Estoy cansado de que mis hermanos vivan de mi trabajo”. Este es un pensamiento que algunas veces se traduce en palabras. Cuando las relaciones familiares han alcanzado un grado de tensión desbordante, los pensamientos cobran vida en palabras hirientes y las palabras hirientes son pequeños puñales que…


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