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May 2013 Blog Posts (2)

Dealing with Outside Shareholders in Asian Family Firms

In Greek myth, the Trojan war ended when the invading Greeks built a great wooden Horse which the Trojans took inside their City Walls. While they slept, the Greek soldiers came out of the Horse, let in the rest of their army, and sacked the city. However their destruction was so great the Greeks offended the Gods, and as a result, most of them never made it home again.


In many Asian family firms, the family members…


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Clear Differentiation Between the Business and the Family Can Help to Assure Survival and Growth of the Family Business

Adapting management concepts developed for large, publicly-owned companies to the universe of small family businesses is an ongoing challenge.

Let’s start this reflection by looking first at the classic issue of the overlap between the business and family systems.  In small family firms, when almost all workers belong to the family, the overlap is often complete.  As the company grows, the business system and the family system become more differentiated, and the company develops its…


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