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June 2010 Blog Posts (4)

How family business can teach strategic management: The two test dynamic of families in business

Most articles about business today include the baseline cultural problems of greed, anger and deception. These characteristics infiltrate non-family businesses as much as family businesses. It is my perspective that non-family businesses can learn from the implementation of business strategy within family businesses. Families in business have two arenas to measure effectiveness of business strategies - the business and the family.

Non-family organizations generally measure…


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A (much better) roundup of useful sites for family owned businesses

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal features a smattering of websites for family-run businesses (click here for original article). Given that only three websites were featured, I wanted to expand on the list and share some of the…


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My First Blog: Teaching Business Principles through the portal of Family Businesses

(***Note: I have this same comment under the "Discussion Forums" but thought it would be a good introduction to my philosophy of family business for my first blog entry)

Family businesses have enormous challenges. However, in my opinion, the media and business culture paint a picture of a one-way street of instruction and strategy from non-family business strategy to family business. Looking at baseline cultural issues of greed, favoritism and deception, non-family…


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PASSING THE TORCH: Best Practices for Bringing the Next Generation into the Family Business

Bringing the next generation of family members into the family business can be both an exciting and scary time. For the senior generation it is an opportunity to continue a legacy while sharing an experience with those closest to you. For the next generation, it is an opportunity to become an integral part of something that was always in your life at a peripheral level. Either way you look at it, bringing the next…

Added by David Karofsky on June 3, 2010 at 3:30pm — No Comments

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