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September 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Should the Next Generation Be the One to Name the Elephant in the Room?

Last Friday, I attended a workshop by Dennis Jaffe called “Facing and Resolving Issues That Prevent Your Family Business from Moving Forward.” It was held by The Institute for Family Business, part of the University of the Pacific, and all the attendees were family business members.

I’ve read several of Dennis Jaffe’s books, and I love his practical, easy-to-understand, you-can-do-it style. Of course, he ran his workshop the…


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Leadership Transitions and the Parable of the Pitcher


Well, here in the United States baseball is beginning to get interesting. Teams are clinching playoff spots and "normal" people are finally beginning to watch baseball. As I watched a game a while back I noticed something that made me reflect on how the game of baseball approaches pitching changes and how different that is from how family businesses approach leadership changes. Let me explain.


In baseball the pitcher on any Major League team is well paid and…

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Nebraska Farmer Magazine highlights "Seven Keys to Measuring Progress in Family Business Transfer"

Farming isn't the only thing done in Nebraska, but it's kind of a big deal.  :)  Nebraska Farmer Magazine just ran an article that I wrote that highlights the 7 themes that each family should measure as they progress towards a Family Business Transition.

Here's a link to my website if you'd like to view it.


Here's the direct link as well.  …


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Family Financial Literacy: The Results Oriented Trust Environment and the Financial Skills Trust

Family Financial Literacy:

The Results Oriented Trust Environment™

and the Financial Skills Trust

Eileen Gallo, Ph.D.

Jon Gallo

© 2011…


Added by Jon & Eileen Gallo on September 11, 2011 at 11:02pm — No Comments

Dreamwork to Teamwork

Organizational productivity is dependent upon teamwork, which I describe as two or more people working together productively for a common goal. Team can be expressed or implied, conscious or unconscious but irrespective, organizational productivity depends upon the effectiveness of interdependent, collaborative effort. Teamwork can be fair, good or great, but teamwork cannot be bad because the contingency of teamwork is enhanced productivity. The English language does not give us a word that…


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Multi-Family Office (MFO) Business Economics

In early 2010, I left a role as CEO of a New York-based multi-family office and spent six months conducting a highly focused field study of themes and trends in the wealth management and family office world.  It was clear that a transformation was underway and I wanted to understand where the forward market demand would come from and how various firms and family offices were responding.  I met with key wealth management business principals and senior managers, single family offices…


Added by James H. "Jamie" McLaughlin on September 2, 2011 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Talking with Teens about Wealth: Capabilities of Successful Heirs

It takes no talent to inherit money, but learning how to become a successful heir requires special capabilities. One of the best things wealthy parents can do to prepare their teenage children is to engage them in conversations well ahead of their having serious money at their disposal.  Having friends and knowing how to confidently handle relationships is crucial for teens, so talking about wealth and friendship is a good place to start. One great way to launch such a conversation is…


Added by Allen Bettis on September 1, 2011 at 10:30am — No Comments

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