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November 2013 Blog Posts (4)

Family Business Governance and the Board – Some Prescriptions on Composing and Using the Board

While family businesses have conceivably been around ever since human beings started living in communities and began benefiting from gains of specialization and trading, the attention on family business governance as a formal topic is only about 25 years old.  Prior to the formal recognition of family businesses as a distinct organizational form, governance has been thought of as an issue that is of importance primarily for non-family businesses, especially those where there is a separation…


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FBN (Family Business Network) - Family businesses, a model for the future

If family businesses stay the course in a difficult economic context and through crisis, that is because the measure of time means generations and not short term goals for them.

But one leader to another, from one generation to the next, the company must adapt to their environment to survive and grow, the family should be able to decide the right course. The new generations must be able to integrate in harmony . These issues are complex. The secret of a successful transmission is the…


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Radical Changes as Threat and Opportunity for Family Businesses

Every once in a while industries become disrupted. Newcomers from outside the industry begin to commercialize products that are based on a novel technology, have fundamentally different product features or are built on a distinct business model. Established companies typically have problems with adopting such new technologies. As a consequence, they often lose market shares when the innovation becomes mainstream. Look back on Kodak’s prior dominance in the photography market, for instance.…


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Inspired Questions for Defining Family Wealth

Dear Family Business Friends,

My new mobile app, Inspired Questions was just released this week.  I am really excited to get feedback from you, my peers.  Here are some of the features.  

This app provides 100 Inspired Questions that can be used as dinner table conversation starters, family meeting facilitation questions, and a social media component that allows sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Messaging and E-mail. 




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