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December 2009 Blog Posts (7)

Making the Transition from Family Business to Family Office Without Scrambling the Nest Egg

For an entrepreneur, a decision to sell the family business is a difficult one. Frequently, the business is at the center of the family’s life, providing the primary source of the family’s material wealth and occupying much if not most of their waking hours. The business often times provides a steadying influence on the family. It provides a place for family members to work and instills strong values and work ethic in the younger generations. Most of the earnings are reinvested in the business… Continue

Added by Steven A. Thorne on December 22, 2009 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Is The Family Business Leader Born Or Made? Follow The Rattle?

In their November 30 Article in the Wall Street Journal, “Do You Really Want to be a Leader,” Drs. Preston Bottger and Jean-Louis Barsoux suggest that too many people focus on the wrong question when they look at business leaders. Instead of trying to address whether leaders are born or made, they should consider questions relating to individual motivation. Bottger and Barsoux suggest that the right questions for individuals to consider are:

• “How far do you want to go?”

•… Continue

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A Familiar Story with a Surprise Happy Ending

A Familiar Story with a Surprise Happy Ending

It’s a familiar story – the entrepreneur spends a lifetime building a successful business

from nothing, and proudly watches as his two children work their way up through the ranks to

management positions. Then he dies, leaving the Company stock to his children, 50-50. The

rest of the story is no less predictable. With her father gone, the daughter rises to the occasion,

displaying many of the same managerial skills… Continue

Added by Jared Kaplan on December 21, 2009 at 6:26pm — No Comments

¡Publica tus artículos profesionales en el Practitioner del FFI!

El boletín electrónico “FFI Practitioner” del Family Firm Institute ( ), a través de su Comité Editorial, desea darle a partir de 2010 una mayor cabida a los profesionales que trabajan con familias empresarias y que publican sus artículos en idioma español.

Los temas tratados en este boletín incluyen aspectos legales, financieros, de management, de ciencias de la conducta y de gestión del… Continue

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The Ten Subtle Secrets of Successful Family Businesses

Only 20 percent of family businesses make it to the third generation and only 13 percent past that. Yet mounting research documents the superior profitability of family firms, even over widely held public firms. My research of the 1,000 largest public firms worldwide suggests those controlled by families earn a 30+ percent higher return on capital.

What helps these firms thrive?

Beyond an independent board of directors, regular family meetings, and a family constitution, I… Continue

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Judy Hogel, UIC Family Business Council Director and MEGA Home Improvement, CFO

What are the benefits of joining a Family Business Center or Council? As a member, of a Family Business Council I think about the tremendous impact the organization has had on my life and our business. Being a family business owner adds a unique layer of complexity to any business - the goals are the same, but our focus and roles are different. In our family business, my husband is my boss. From the start we understood that we needed better tools and new practices to communicate with each other… Continue

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Communication is the Key

The stories that are most often told about family businesses are about the fights and conflicts. When people are faced with the question of would they want to work with their family members, you often hear the response, “ I could never work with my family, we’d kill each other.” These stereotypes about family businesses obscure the vital role that family businesses play in their communities and the marketplace. Research tells us that family businesses are the cornerstones of most… Continue

Added by Andrew D. Keyt on December 15, 2009 at 9:53pm — No Comments

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