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December 2012 Blog Posts (5)

Building Value in the Family Enterprise

Investing too much working capital in a business results in lost opportunity.

Companies facing growth usually have a need for more working capital; mature companies often have excessive working capital. Companies that choose to remain at a certain level of operations and not aggressively seek growth opportunities often have a need for a stabilized amount of working capital. These are typically mature companies where the founder has reached an acceptable level of profitability and…


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"Is 10,000 enough?"

“Is 10,000 enough?”


by David Bork


In his book, “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell speaks of many topics relevant to leadership, management, competence and family business.  He argues, and with good reason, that it takes a minimum of 10,000 hours of focused effort to develop a skill, even more to be come skilled to the point where others call you “gifted” in that skill.  Here are a few seemingly unrelated matters that required…


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Can We Make Family Business Topics Less Taboo?

It's time to change the rules of communication.

The world is changing all around us.  And many of the topics that people shied away from years ago are at the forefront of public debates today.  Once upon a time, it was taboo to discuss things like gay rights, teen pregnancies and family conflict – but one look at your television guide and you’ll see that times have changed.  So where do family business issues stand today?  Are families in a better position to openly discuss…


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Mentorship in family business - how do we manage?


Recently I have read several articles and attended several keynote addresses where the topic of mentorship seemed to be of particular interest to our next generation. Many similar questions are being asked, such as: How do I find a mentor? What type of mentor do I look for? Are there different kinds of mentors?


In one instance, the mere idea of mentorship was scoffed at as being archaic to the new generation, and that it implied a long term relationship that many…


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The Power of Storytelling

The following article was written by David Adelman, founder and CEO of Reel Tributes, which produces documentary films to preserve the legacy of families and family businesses, and William Alexander, who teaches a course on strategies and practices of family-controlled companies at Wharton. It was published on the Knowledge@Wharton…


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