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Don't Let "Fault Lines" in the Family Business Become Earthquakes

Moving tectonic plates on the surface of the earth have and will always cause fault lines.  These points of convergence and pressure are inevitable and can cause earthquakes at a large scale.


Due to divergent desires and changing personal situations of family members, such points of convergence and pressure can be found in families-in-business and can cause inevitable fault lines.  Unlike geological faults, however, active steps can be taken in a family business to prevent…


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Preventive Maintenance in Each Generation


“If you tell me what generation your family business is in, and the number of shareholders, I will tell you what challenges you are facing.”


This is a familiar line in family business consulting, and one which makes a lot of sense.  Challenges in a family business follow a predictable pattern.  Knowing this pattern can help you to take a “preventive maintenance” approach to reducing the likelihood of family business…


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It's (too) easy to focus on dysfunctional family businesses

MSN Money recently ran a high-profile article (with photos, of couse) entitled 10 Dysfunctional Family Businesses (or "Dynasties of Dysfunction"). The "usual suspects" were noted: Hilton, Murdoch, Redstone, Prtizker, Bronfman -- along with some new additions, e.g., the Hulk Hogan family.

Boy, is this an easy target for journalists. Just like the local TV news… Continue

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