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Mentoring Next Generation and Developing Future Leaders

In most family businesses, succession to the next generation is the goal; however, it can be one of the most difficult challenges facing current ownership and a key reason that so few family businesses make it to the 2nd or 3rd generation.…


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Forced Employee Engagement and the Overworked Employee

Has your organization reduced its workforce during this recession? Have you asked more of your employees? Are your employees working harder and performing at a higher…


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Family Business: Good Governance – Impacting the Bottom Line

Why is it that some…


Added by Scott Heintzelman on July 20, 2010 at 9:29am — No Comments

Passing Assets to the Next Generation - Does Fair Mean Equal?

Mixing family and money is a very hot topic and one that generates strong feelings - and sometimes "fisticuffs." When a business owner is ready to pass on assets to the next generation they often stress the desire to "be fair." But what about the children that are not in the business? Should these children be getting a share of the company that is equal to those siblings that are "working the business?"

The terms "fair" and…


Added by Scott Heintzelman on July 13, 2010 at 7:41am — No Comments


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