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Let's Get Together

Let's Get Together

This is not an article about being a better family business consultant, a more successful family business or even a more respected family researcher. Rather this is an article challenging some of our assumptions and appealing for increased collaboration between researchers and practitioners. Despite years of consulting to family businesses, our knowledge of what really works in practice is in the elemental stages and we all need to be aware of our own…


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Lessons for Family Businesses: Co-Leadership, By Jane Hilburt-Davis & Karen Vinton

Succession planning and the question “who’s best to lead the next generation?” is always a challenge for family businesses.  However, many businesses (family and non-family) have decided that a  co-leadership (i.e. selecting family members to run the business together) model works best.  We had the opportunity to try co-leadership during our term as President and Vice-President of FFI.  Here are a few things we learned that contributed to our successful…


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We know the statistics about family businesses; we know about the horrific stories; and we have become pretty good at understanding what the successful ones have in common: shared vision and values; independent board of directors; strategic planning; good communications throughout the family-business-systems, and family cohesion. One structure that is an effective building block for all these…


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