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PASSING THE TORCH: Best Practices for Bringing the Next Generation into the Family Business

Bringing the next generation of family members into the family business can be both an exciting and scary time. For the senior generation it is an opportunity to continue a legacy while sharing an experience with those closest to you. For the next generation, it is an opportunity to become an integral part of something that was always in your life at a peripheral level. Either way you look at it, bringing the next…

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When you've been asked to join the family business

Mother: Jon, we've given this lots of thought, and your Dad and I are really hoping that you'll join your sister, Jackie, and us in the family business.

Father: This is one of my greatest dreams come true! And…

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Begin at the Beginning - So You're in the Family Business

Father: Rick, I thought this project was going to be completed yesterday.

: Well, Dad, I tried to, but there were just so many things going on.…


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