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Lessons from History. Families in Business? First, Families in Society... if you want to endure

Lessons from History: Families in Business? First, Families in Society if you want to endure, by Paloma Fernández Pérez, Universitat de Barcelona,

In recent business history books and articles about longevity and endurance of large family businesses in the world I have demonstrated that the oldest and largest family firms and groups are  in Japan and Germany, two countries that were devastated by world wars. Also,…


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Competitiveness of family businesses in the world: missing something in our research?

Very often we read in family business scholarship about entrepreneurship, leadership, endurance, emotions, values, but I cannot see much about competitiveness, or productivity. Are we missing the key issue of any business when approaching family businesses?

Let´s start about competitiveness. Michael Porter has published many articles indicating how a sector approach must be adopted in order to analyze the competitiveness of regions, nations, firms. Why don´t we apply this perspective…


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Network of Interdisciplinary Research of Family Firms

NIRFF is a network of around 70 experts from different disciplines and 3 countries interested in research and knowledge exchange on family businesses around the world:

The web contains profiles of the expert members, downloadable publications, useful resources, and information about news and activities.

Coordinator: Paloma Fernandez, Ph.D. in History from U.C. Berkeley,…


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Society changes Families and Families change Business

The following is a summary of an article I am publishing, which can be sent to interested readers:


Key idea: From the Middle Ages to Present Times, families need the law, and professionals, to safeguard the family legacy from external forces, and from untrustable family members. Medieval entailments were, in Europe, the key legal tool that protected this legacy from generation to generation against bad family stewards or against bad luck, or war, or bankruptcy. Kings and…


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