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Are your BANKING activities MAKING or COSTING you money? THINK about it...


By Levi G. Clock, Principal of Clockwork Financial

One of my favorite quotes is “You don’t know what you don’t know...” and I believe we’d all have to agree with that one.

If everything you thought you knew about money was actually not true, when would you want to know about it?

If you’re anything like me…the answer is right now!  So if that’s you… then take a short coffee break, sit back, and begin to “THINK… and Grow Rich”, as the popular Napoleon Hill concluded in his classic book after 20+ years of researching the wealthiest business owners in the country. 

Unfortunately, we live in such a fast paced world of “busyness”, or “business” as we call it , that we have just enough time to get up run out the door and grab a Starbucks and show up just a few minutes late to work to keep us distracted from THINKING more and DOING less, until we get home late to another cold dinner  and disappointed spouse and kids that got tired of waiting again and already ate without you… again.

What is truly most important to you in life after all is said and done?

If everything in your life was taken away from you, what one thing would you want back the most?  I’ve asked this question many times and usually family and health make the top of the list… and in that order… so does your focus in life line up with your greatest values?  THINK about that.

Specializing in business financial planning for over 15 years, I’ve seen the desire for gaining more wealth become a priority over the ones we’d say all of our striving is for… hmmm…. But where’s the balance?

If there was a way for you to make more money over your lifetime, without taking more risk, paying more taxes, or working more hours, would you want to know about it, or would you rather I keep it to myself?

If this were true (which it is) would you give yourself permission to take some extra TIME and invest that into what you truly value more than money?  And if you did that… wouldn’t you be happier? And healthier? And if you’re happier and healthier, wouldn’t you be more efficient and productive with the hours that you are laboring in?

Well, now that you’ve hopefully taken a couple minutes to sit back and THINK about PERSPECTIVE… let’s THINK about one area of your life that you’ve probably lost A LOT of cumulative dollars on that you were never before encouraged to THINK about… BANKING… one of the most important businesses in the world… yet unless you’re parents owned a bank, you likely don’t feel very confident discussing any great details about BANKING.

The average American spends 34.5% of every dollar they make over their lifetime on financing costs.  That sounds a little too high until you THINK about the fact that the average financing costs on a 30 year mortgage costs over 45% out of every dollar paid for a house… and the average 60 month auto loan costs over 20% of the total dollars paid for that vehicle.  Keep in mind, I’m talking about the total VOLUME of dollars paid in financing costs… not annual rate of interest for the use of those dollars… there is a difference.  What if there was a way for you to make the money that your financing company is making off of you? 

For example, there are 5 methods of financing anything in your life… you’ll see the analysis below that, contrary to popular belief, cash is not as profitable as using a mutual life insurance policy as collateral for financing a $10K car every four years:

Source: “Becoming Your Own Banker… Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept” by R. Nelson Nash.  This book is a must read for anyone that would like to learn how to make money financing your own cars, business equipment, college education, investments and real estate.

FBWTS members get the best price when you purchase your own copy directly from the Clockwork Financial web-store so you can continue to get educated about one of the best strategies that most major banks and corporations practice but don’t teach. Get educated:

Isn’t it time you THINK like a bank and ACT like a bank… and stop sending them so much of your money?

You can also get the e-book here:

Contact us today and request your FREE copy of How Privatized Banking Really Works to learn from some of the leading expert economists.

[copyright 2013 Clockwork Financial]

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