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Inspired Questions for Defining Family Wealth

Dear Family Business Friends,

My new mobile app, Inspired Questions was just released this week.  I am really excited to get feedback from you, my peers.  Here are some of the features.  

This app provides 100 Inspired Questions that can be used as dinner table conversation starters, family meeting facilitation questions, and a social media component that allows sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Messaging and E-mail. 


Inspired Questions Features

-       100 Inspired Questions for business, family and personal reflection

-       Ability to bookmark and create custom set of cards for specific occasions or meetings

-       Audio and Video capture and sharing capability

-       Social Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Messaging and E-mail


Pricing and Availability

Inspired Questions is available on the App Store for $9.99.  Inspired Questions is designed for iPhone and iPad. 


App Store Link:(

You can also learn more about the process of how Inspired Questions came to be in a blog post that my co-creator Erik Ralston wrote.

With this app I hope to facilitate change in the ways that families talk to one another.  

I'd love to get any feedback and hear how you will use the app with your family and the families that you serve.  

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