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Family organizations exist with noise. Unfortunately, there is an inbred thought pattern that the noise can be controlled by strict adherence to exclusive business strategy. What is not examined is the comparison of noise between families in business/wealth transition to non-family organizations. My perspective from experience within family businesses is the noise derives from relationships which includes transactions. Non-family noise tends towards exclusive transaction encounters that minimizes relationships.

From a family business orientation, what is the noise you encounter? Where does it come from? How does it preoccupy you? Why? Do you lose your poise? When do you get worried, irritable, wearied or hopeless? How do you regain your poise?

We are not discussing an individualized problem. Everyone we know and especially everyone in your family experiences discomfort in examination of what is going on inside of us. What differentiates family organizations from non-family organizations is the combination of venues in which noise from relationships and business is exposed, examined and resolved. The social depth of family organizations forces the noise into public view. It does not allow unruffled detachment which can plague non-family organizations.

Poise in the midst of noise is learned and it is learned in relationship. It is purposeful, awake and examined. Senior generations have the lofty opportunity to mentor the younger generations with stark honesty of what we all face: Mastery of how we handle and transform noise into composure. It is acknowledgement of rejecting human pride and superiority to others and allowing our hearts to respond with humility.

During this Christmas and holiday season, take the step to look beyond self (which is the source of destructive noise) and become open book about replacing arrogance and superiority with a heavenly desire to be merciful in authentic consideration of how all of your family and business associates struggle with having poise. Your testing grounds of family and business are beautiful venues for evaluation and change.

Keep everlastingly at it.

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