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At 2:17pm on December 16, 2008, Brian Distelberg said…
We meet through linkedin I believe. I am a Ph.D student in Marriage and Family Therapy over at MSU...sorry! I'm doing my dissertation and other research through a group in Grand Rapids called the Family Business Alliance. I've came across your website a few times over the last two years. How's the Buz?
At 4:42pm on December 16, 2008, Brian Distelberg said…
It's exploring the role of family dynamics in family businesses. Mostly using social network analysis to identify the usefulness or limits of the three circle model in typologizing family businesses. I hypthesize that varying family dynamics and internal family values influence how family businesses structure their ownership and practices and therefore family dynamics and values are a more accureate way to typologize family businesses. I have an article in the march 2009 Family Business Review that details the theory. My dissertation will be one step in researching the theory.

Some day check out its a nonprofit group for family businesses in the west Michigan area. I am guessing you would know a number of the businesses.
At 11:15am on May 15, 2009, Kathleen Hoye said…
Yes I am planning to attend the Alliance conference in Chicago. I assume I will get to meet you in person there?
At 1:01pm on June 22, 2009, Christopher Weston said…
Yes I will be calling in. Can you send me the details.
At 2:44pm on July 29, 2009, Subhojit Dasgupta said…
Hello Donald

Thanks for the invite. I am trying to find some useful resources for family business on the internet. Can you guide me? Also, what are the most popular family business associations that you would advise someone to be part of?

At 6:39pm on July 29, 2009, Subhojit Dasgupta said…
Hi Don

Thanks for your comments. I would also like to know your thoughts about how someone can promote their family business on social media such as linkedin, facebook and twitter?

At 2:40pm on July 30, 2009, Subhojit Dasgupta said…
Thanks a lot Don! I will take a look at the page.
At 4:39pm on September 4, 2009, Fernando Nogales Lozano said…
Agradezco sinceramente tus palabras de invitación al respecto de mi participación en la Wiki. Seguro que nos enriqueceremos todos con nuestros intercambios de experiencias y conocimientos.

Un cordial saludo

Fernando Nogales
At 11:16am on December 9, 2009, Randolph Rowland said…
It looks like you are far more steeped in the science of family systems than I. My expertise comes from the practical experience of running a family business, and my use of, and training in, Jungian psychological types. I use the latter terminology rather than "Myers-Briggs" as the leading professionals promoting the constructive use of personality differences are now focused on Jung's 8 function/attitudes as the basis for their work.
I look forward to participating in, and learning from, this group.
At 7:56pm on February 11, 2010, Pablo M Ross said…
Don; Thank you for your comments; I look forward to participate in the forum, Gracias
At 4:13pm on April 14, 2010, Monica Cuellar said…
Hello, nice to meet you. I am looking forward to attending the event which will be held in Bogotá in May and I was wondering where I could get more information about it. Maybe you can help me with that :).

Best regards,

At 1:17am on April 15, 2010, Kazuyoshi Takei said…
Thank you for your invitation. I am preparing for a workshop starting next month in Tokyo. This is a program to share ideas and practices with FB owners and family members.

Kazuyoshi Takei (Tokyo)
At 9:00am on April 15, 2010, Monica Cuellar said…
Thank you so much. I have the information already!!

At 12:27pm on April 19, 2010, Daniel Lorenzo said…
Thank you for your invitation, best regards,

At 5:34pm on July 20, 2010, Eugene Muscat said…
I hope to be a resource for those family business members and their advisers who want to develop their core values as a prelude to strategic or succession planning.


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